Say Goodbye
to Waste

Say Hello to a Sustainable
Carbon Future – GEMs

While others are making noise, we're making sustainable new technologies a reality – brilliant new GeoEngineered Materials™ from industrial wastes.

"We're working to eliminate waste and Co2 emissions across municipal waste, energy, manufacturing, and mining sectors – turning residues into novel cementitious materials for the built environment."

Today’s waste streams are a sad legacy of the industrial revolution – byproducts of a cycle of take, make, and waste. This antiquated philosophy is literally not sustainable and has put us on the verge of global infrastructure and environmental catastrophe.

We're at the forefront of the circular economy. One that designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use, and regenerates natural systems.
Silica-X™ Labs features a multi-disciplined talent pool to deliver on transformational development at record speed.

Our founders are responsible for a new class of materials that are being heralded by the U.S Department of Energy, Savannah River National Lab, and the American Ceramics Society as a foundation for the future. They've been featured in talks sponsored by the United Nations, and speeches before the U.S. Congress. But we didn't stop there.

We've leap-frogged Engineered Magmatics, with GEMs™ (GeoEngineered Materials™); reducing their footprint by over 80% and increasing their market viability exponentially.


Our work on Roman Derived Concrete and Synthetic Tephra Has Been Featured in Popular Science and Wired!

We greatfully acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Marie Jackson, Dr. Phil Brune, Dr. Joe King, Dr. Cory Trivelpiece, Thomas Adams and the rest of the our external team. We are proud to be associated with such knowledgable collaborators, and to be working with the likes of ARPA-E, Alfred University, and Savannah River National Laboratory.

We couldn't ask for better partners!
We enjoy collaboration, and share in the discovery.
Our partners include industry leaders and luminaries from a span of sectors. All have proven to be passionate professionals who take pride in working together for a common good. We collaborate on independent solutions, shared goals, and tech-to-market. This amplifies our (and our partners’) ability to ensure a brighter future for us all.

We encourage you to reach out, we'd love to start working with you as well.
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